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Are your Sales £ following changes in Consumer Price Inflation?

Consumer Price Inflation moved higher in August (2.90%) from 2.60% in July.

Together with favourable UK unemployment (4.3% – a record low,) the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) are considering a higher base rate in the coming months.

  1. But are all consumers experiencing high CPI?

  2. And is 2.90% reflective of current conditions?

  3. And is higher CPI reflected in your own sales £?

We’ve complied a simple to use matrix of the widely fluctuating levels of CPI increases (and decreases) across 137 categories, all of which feed into the CPI “basket of goods” calculation by the ONS.

Check out how consumer prices are changing in the sectors you sell too.  Are your sales changing in a similar fashion?

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August CPI analysis Top 10s

August CPI analysis expanded list

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