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What is The Brexit Tracker?

The Brexit Tracker is a unique digital platform that intelligently gathers and standardises over 1,000 economic indicators, indices, benchmark rates and Government surveys that have an influence on UK businesses and tracks how they are being impacted by Brexit.

As The Brexit Tracker’s list of subscribers grows, it will become even more valuable as it will also use its member’s information to create dynamic views of the effects of Brexit in particular sectors or particular types of business. Enabling users to compare and contrast their results to that of their peers and competition. The Brexit Tracker provides data and information so that management can analyse the constantly changing Brexit situation, with confidence that their thinking is based on accurate data.

Why it was developed?

Businesses told us that they were struggling to get uniform data and content on Brexit. Coverage was extensive, but not directly useful. And business directors told us they wanted to compare their views on Brexit and the impacts on their business against their peers.

So we built The Brexit Tracker.

Who set up The Brexit Tracker?

Ben Martin, founder of bmbal.

Ben Martin


Following a successful 22-year career in banking, Ben Martin set up his FCA authorised and regulated advisory firm bmbal in September 2013.

Ben Martin’s aims are to use technology and big data to assist UK businesses – by creating easy to use, online services that can be used to solve common problems within the business world. The Brexit Tracker is the second big data dashboard Ben Martin has created for business. Ben Martin is also founder of

Who needs The Brexit Tracker?

The Brexit Tracker is aimed at the UK mid-market.  [Mid-market defined here as between £10m and £150m turnover and cross industry sector.]

It’s aimed at businesses who are worried about the effects of Brexit, whether positive or negative.  Businesses who want to manage how much time and energy senior management put into worrying about Brexit.  Businesses who want to complement their existing Brexit analysis and assumptions. Businesses who want to get the most out of any engagement with Brexit consultants because they already know where interest and effort needs to be focused.

How do you buy Brexit Tracker?

The Brexit Tracker offers a free 3-month trial and then is sold on a subscription basis with a sliding level of subscription depending on the depth of reporting required.

Why is it unique?

The Brexit Tracker is based on over 1,000 UK benchmark rates, statistics, indices, Government and trade body surveys, together with unique Brexit surveys, completed monthly from users.

No other service like this exists that provides the breadth and depth of coverage, the mathematical & scientific analysis, and the ability to customise and compare.  [Without paying consulting fees.]

Need more information?

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